No Good Television, NGTV  Beverly Hills, CA
Director of Photography  October 2004-June 2005
-Developed shooting style and lighting design on several shows, promo spots and  internet videos for start up music video channel.
-worked with High Def, DVCPro 50, Beta SP, mini DV formats for  Interviews, SFX, green screen and motion graphics. 
-Responsible for the training and supervising of additional production staff for field and studio shoots.
-Attended seminars and training sessions for HD production on the VariCam, Cini Alta and SDX 900. 

Darryl E. Smith Productions   Hollywood, CA  
Camera Operator/DP  January 2003-2004
-High Definition Camera Operator/DP on various projects.
-Supervise a production team on location shoots.
-responsibilities include camera, lighting and set design, art direction and several other production elements for corporate and broadcast clients.

Autonomy  Hollywood, CA  
Director of Photography, Promo Division. May 1999-2004 
-Director of Photography for internationally renown production company.
-Work directly with the Promo Director supervising promo spots for commercial and theatrical clients.
-Supervise a small production team including; Lighting & Art Directors,  grips, electricians, utility, sound   
and production assistants.
-Clients include; Lifetime, Nickelodeon, Discovery HD, Fox Movie Channel

“Hour of Stars” with Robert Wagner  Fox Movie Channel  Century City, CA
Director of Photography   September 2001-July 2003
-Director of Photography  on every episode for this critically acclaimed show .
-Responsible for most aspects of this Digibeta production including;  lighting, set design, location selection, production crews and equipment.
-Supervise a  production crew of grips, electricians, art/props, sound, teleprompter and utility.

BET  Television  Los Angeles, CA  
Director of Photography/Camera Operator   October 1999-Current
-Camera Operator for broadcast cable network on Access Granted, feature assignments, special projects and host wraps.
-Responsibilities include lighting, camera, set design, directing talent, sound, producing and more.

 “A Baby Story”  Pie Town Productions  Burbank, CA
Camera Operator  January 2000-April 2001
-Camera Operator for nationally broadcast Emmy nominated show documenting parents lives before, during and after the birth of a child.
-Worked with Beta SP & DVCAM, Arri Pro light kits, Joker HMI’s, grip and sound gear.

E! Entertainment   Los Angeles, Ca   
Camera Operator  September 1998-June 2003
-Camera Operator for internationally broadcast cable network on feature assignments, ENG breaking news and special projects.
-Worked with Betacam SP, live satellite feeds, multiple camera shoots, Arri/Lowel lighting kits, jib arms, steady cam, dolly's,3ch, 4ch, 16ch, 24ch sound mixers, wireless and boom mics.
Shows Aired:  E! News Daily, True Hollywood Stories, Shabby Sheik, Style, Mysteries & Scandals and more.

“Inside Edition”   Kingworld  Los Angeles, CA 
Camera Operator  November 95 - May 98
 -Staff Camera Operator for nationally syndicated show on feature assignments and ENG breaking news.
-Worked with Betacam SP, live satellite feeds, IFB’s, press conferences, multiple camera shoots,  sound mixers and wireless mics.
-Use of creative lightning for location Interviews, stand-ups and B-roll both nationally and internationally.

“American Journal/ Inside Edition”   Kingworld  New York, NY 
Special Projects Producer  Jan 1990- November 1995
-Manager/Coordinator of Special Projects Division for award winning investigative unit.
-worked independently developing investigative stories using miniature cameras in self designed housings(Bagcam, Tie cam, helmet cam etc.) while traveling nationally and abroad.
-Produced and coordinated stories, conducted interviews, live remotes, B-roll, managed whistleblower hotline, interns and story research dept.


Swim4theReef-Angel Productions 2004
-61 year old grandfather swims from Cozamel to Cancun, Mexico across the Yucatan Peninsula to raise awareness for the world’s deteriorating coral reefs and environment.  www.swim4the reef.com

Girl’s Guide/Savvy- WE Network 2004
Highest rated pilot tested among women for national  cable network.

Sunnytown -Ninster & Jokie Productions 2003
Children’s show written by Emmy Award winning writer of Rugrats.

Holloween Unmasked 2000  DVD  Anchor Bay Entertainment  2000
Produced & Directed by Mark Cerulli  with the original cast and producers .

E3 Entertainment Expo DVD  2001 & 2002 , 2004  Enterbrain  Tokyo, Japan
Produced and Directed by Arno St. Martin for Japanese gaming magazine.

Cochella Music Festival  2001 Drew Thomas Productions
Woodstock like music festival documenting the fans and the bands.

A Father’s Right  BBC 2000  (PAL)
British Documentary involving fathers rights in child custody disputes.

Short /FeatureFilms

Maximum Cage Fighting  1st asst camera(Varicam)  2005
Modern Cupid  Director of Photography/Editor  2003
Where’s the Party? Director of Photography/Editor 2002
Sympathy from the Devil  Director of Photography/Editor  2001
Workerbox  Director of Photography/Editor  2001
You Can’t win!  Director of Photography/Editor 1999

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Kip Ebanks